Chiel Kleipool is animation, sketch and facilitator artist for

Chiel Kleipool, business movie & visuals production studio.

An other way of presenting messages.

To enhance the presentation of: new ideas, business proposals, new ways of working, roadmaps, instructional purposes etc.  Chiel Kleipool developed a personal way of telling such messages.

Using drawings and/or life action footage you can shape your message any way you want.

The message, not always an easy one to convey, is coming to live.

Clarify your business ideas better to board members, stakeholders & co-workers & sell your concepts easier to clients. We can help visualising.

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Michael (Chiel) Kleipool

Business animation movie & visuals production studio
Jansstraat 73 2011 RW Haarlem,
the Netherlands

M:  + 31 646 07 81 22
T:   +31 23 54 21 800

Michael Kleipool and partners are an animation movie studio and producers of visuals. Working for international cliënts.

Creating images has been our craft and passion for over 30 years. With this expertise we can help you with various forms of communication and graphic recording.

We can help companies making images during brainstorm sessions, board meetings, storyboarding, product illustration, events, stand illustration and numerous other visual thinking processes.

Recent activities are: animation films for Lloydsbanking/London, Randstad, Makro/Metro A.G. Explanatory visuals for Randstad and Tempo team. Animation film for FrieslandCampina Netherlands. Animation for AbnAmro Bank and AbnAmro Verzekeringen. Various roadmaps and process presentation sheets. Explanatory images for the NSPOH (Netherland School of Public and Occupational Health).